Technical details of Safe Power
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Safe Power

Compatible with Raspberry B+, 2 and 3, not for Raspberry 4

Safe Power is for you if:

1. You have short power cuts from time to time
2. Your main concern is a soft shutdown of the OS to avoid SD card corruption and data loss
3. You would like to have a button to conveniently shut down and restart the OS

Safe Power is not for you if:

  • Your Raspberry is a Raspberry 4 or Raspberry 1
  • Your Raspberry needs USB or network running after power fails and before shutdown Why? USB and network will immediately fail when mains power is cut. Usually this should not be an issue, as your DSL router or other network devices will be off at the same moment.
  • You need more than 10 minutes to several hours of up time after the power fails. Why? The included Lithium-Ion battery could theoretically power your raspberry for one to two hours. To maximize battery life, stress on the battery has to be low. With the current setup the included battery is expected to survive for several thousands of power cut events.
  • Your Raspberry must be in a standard Raspberry case. Why? The device with battery is too big to fit into a raspberry case.

How to get one

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Safe Power workflow explained

from power via Safe Power to power

  • Normal operation

    1. Mains power is on

    Safe Power monitors power input from your USB power supply and blinks green every 2 seconds.

  • Power failure

    2. Switch to battery operation

    There is no delay in supplying power in case of a power failure. The main processor and operating system will continue to run. USB and network will immediately cease operation on Raspberry Version 1. On Raspberry 2 network and most USB devices are still operational.

  • 3. Power fails for more than 10 seconds


    If power is not restored after 10 seconds, Safe Power will initiate a shutdown of the OS. Commands can be run in the OS before shutdown by modifying the script.. After shutdown of the OS a red LED blinks every 2 seconds.

  • 4. Mains power restored


    When mains power is restored and stays on, Safe Power will reboot the OS and normal operation restarts. Safe power will monitor until the next power cut.

  • 5. Manual shutdown and reboot


    A button is provided for manual shutdown. Press the button once, the red LED will light, the OS will shut down and power to the Raspberry will be cut. Green and red LEDs will blink in manual shutdown mode. Press the button again for restart. The green LED will start to flash every 2 seconds.


Installation and features

Safe-power placement before install

connects as shield to all 40 pin Raspberries

Safe-power connected

on Raspberry 2B

Features in detail

LEDs and shutdown button